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Superhero party gifts under a tenner!

If you’ve had an invite to one of our awesome superhero themed birthday parties (regardless of where, Northampton, Kettering or Gotham City!) and need some gift inspiration for the birthday superhero fan without breaking the bank.

You can find fantastic presents that won't drain your wallet while keeping the little birthday hero at the party grinning from ear to ear.

If you’re looking for help with some affordable options, we’ve done a bit of leg work for you.

  • Superhero Cape and Mask Set Every superhero needs a cape and mask to transform into their alter ego. These sets come in various designs, so you can choose your child's favourite hero. Check out this Superhero Cape and Set on Amazon for a budget-friendly option.

  • Comic Books Introduce your little one to the thrilling world of comics with some classic superhero issues. You can often find budget-friendly comic book bundles on sites like eBay or your local comic shop (are there any comic book shops in Northampton?)

  • Superhero Colouring Books Encourage your superhero to show their artistic side with a good old fashioned colouring book. They are affordable, fun, and will keep that young hero entertained for hours. Check out this Superhero Colouring Book on Amazon.

  • Action Figures Action figures are a classic superhero gift. Look for budget-friendly options that feature your child's favourite characters. Spiderman, Superman, Batman, we could go on!! You can find great deals on websites like eBay or Smyths Toys.

  • Superhero Stickers and Temporary Tattoos Kids love decorating their belongings with stickers and temporary tattoos. You can find superhero-themed ones at affordable prices. These also make great additions to a party bag too!

  • Superhero Puzzle A superhero-themed puzzle is not only fun but also a great way to enhance problem-solving skills. Check out this Superhero Puzzle it’s a great, little option.

  • DIY Superhero Mask Kit Get creative with a DIY superhero mask kit. These sets often come with plain masks and a variety of decorations. A child can design their own unique mask to wear at the party or this is a great gift to give the birthday superstar.

  • Superhero Cup and Plate Set Not exactly a gift but if you’re a party organiser looking for ways to make the birthday meal extra special, what about superhero-themed plates and cups? Look for affordable options at your local party supply shops (definitely some in Northampton) or check the usual online retailers.

  • Superhero Water Bottle Staying hydrated is essential, even for superheroes. A superhero-themed water bottle can help with that. Check out this Superhero Water Bottle on Amazon.

  • Superhero-themed Books Fuel your birthday superstars love for reading with superhero-themed books. Theres some really good options for budget-friendly choices, we’ve seen plenty on Facebook Marketplace and maybe check out the local car boot sale.

Remember, it's the thought that counts and there's no need to break the bank to make that little superhero's day extra special.

So pop on the cape and get ready for a Just Party unforgettable superhero-themed birthday celebration!

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