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Tech-tastic Birthday Parties for Tech-Savvy Tweens!

At Just Party, we know that as kids grow up, their interests evolve, and so do their birthday party desires. As you know, our amazing team of childrens entertainers offer fabulous birthday entertainment parties for younger children, but what can you do when your little one has hit the double digits and is ready to dive into the world of tech-tastic celebrations. We’ve put our thinking caps on and we’ve got some fantastic ideas to keep the fun rolling for those older kiddos!

Virtual Reality Extravaganza

Step into the future with a Virtual Reality (VR) party! Check out for a great birthday experience in Milton Keynes. Kids can explore virtual worlds, challenge each other in exciting games, and even take on epic adventures. From underwater explorations to outer space missions, VR offers a limitless playground for their imaginations.

Escape Room Adventure

Experience the thrill of an escape room at, Northamptonshire’s number one location. They have escape rooms located in Corby, Rushden, Kettering & Northampton.  Or maybe create a DIY escape room with puzzles, clues, and challenges tailored to their age group. It's a fantastic way to engage their minds, encourage teamwork, and, of course, have a blast solving mysteries together!

Gaming Galore 🎮👾:

Level up the fun with a gaming party! Set up multiple gaming stations featuring popular multiplayer games that kids love. Whether it's racing in Mario Kart, battling it out in Super Smash Bros, or building incredible worlds in Minecraft, there's no shortage of gaming excitement.  Check out Milton Keynes based mobile gaming company who will even come to your front door!

Tech Crafts and DIY Fun 🤖🎨:

Get creative with tech-themed crafts! Set up crafting stations where kids can build their own robots, design cool gadgets, or even create custom T-shirts using technology-inspired stencils. It's a hands-on way to blend creativity with a touch of tech magic.

Sporty Tech Challenge 🏀🤖:

Combine the thrill of sports with the magic of technology. Organise a sports day with a tech twist, like using smart sports equipment that tracks their performance. Imagine playing basketball with a hoop that keeps score or soccer with a ball that lights up when kicked just right – the possibilities are endless!

DIY Movie Magic 🍿🎥:

Host a movie-making party where kids become directors, actors, and editors! Provide them with simple video recording equipment (smartphones work great!) and let them create their own short films. Don't forget the red carpet for the grand premiere – it's a Hollywood-worthy celebration!

Robotics Bash 🤖⚙️:

Unleash the power of robots! Arrange a robotics party where kids can build and program their own mini-robots. Whether they're navigating mazes or participating in robot races, it's a hands-on way to introduce them to the exciting world of robotics.

Remember, the key to a tech-tastic birthday bash is to blend the wonder of technology with good old-fashioned fun. These ideas are sure to keep the older kiddos entertained and create lasting memories. So, get ready to press play on an unforgettable tech adventure!

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