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Should I hire a Children's Party Entertainer??

Updated: Feb 28, 2023

Well of course we’re going to say “ABSOLUTELY YES” at JP HQ Northamptonshire!!!!

There are so many benefits to handing over the reins to someone to deliver your child’s birthday party entertainment.

It will free you up to mingle with your guests and actually have the time to enjoy watching your child be the centre of attention. Let’s face it, they’ve missed out on so much after so many missed party opportunities due two years of restricted partying with Covid in our midst!

A children’s party entertainer will undoubtedly make your life easier if you're trying to entertain a group of hyper five-year-olds at a kids birthday party, who can be very harsh critics, we can tell you!!

Your children’s entertainer will have a variety of skills at their disposal, such as magic tricks, party props for lots of interactive games and the best dance moves, much better than any Dad dancing of offer!! Plus they will be a fresh new face and a lively and energetic person who will engage all the children. They will ensure your party runs smoothly with seamless transitions between games and activities that will keep the attention of the children to ensure that they all walk away having had the time of their lives.

That being said, we do recognise that with rising costs with energy, food, travel etc and the cost of living crisis affecting everyone, that people’s budgets may not stretch to be able to fund an kids party entertainer.

Our recommendations would be to plan and book early with your entertainment company, this will allow you to, firstly secure the party date you really want, with a nominal amount for the booking fee and secondly allow you to have time to stagger paying off the balance of your party, rather than paying it off when you also have to bear the cost of getting your little one’s birthday presents too!

You could save money also by buddying up with one of their school friends to share the cost, this makes perfect sense when your child may have a friend with a birthday date close to yours, especially when you would be inviting the same set of school friends!

Consider also, that some party companies offer different duration party packages, shorter parties mean reduced costs. At Just Party, we offer a 1 hour, 90 minute and 2 hour party package option for all of our party themes. Remember, we also cover the whole of Northamptonshire and can deliver parties in Kettering, Wellingborough, Corby, Rushden, Daventry, Northampton, Brackley, Towcester, Rugby and Milton Keynes.

If your budget still doesn’t allow for an entertainer, then here are our tried and tested suggestions for party games if you are planning on going it alone this winter!


Start slow, kids can be shy when they first arrive so settle them in gently with a few warm up games! Simon Says is a great one do this.

When they’ve warmed up a bit and ready to start to burn off some energy, some cost free games that always come up trumps are :

  • Follow the Leader

  • Musical bumps

  • Musical statues

  • Duck, Duck, Goose.

For a 2 hour party you probably want to come up with 10-12 party games, some high energy and some quieter games for when they are getting tired or are really being too wild for your living room!!!

Good luck and if that all goes well at home and you enjoy performing for your kids, then look us may be just the person to join our entertainment team!!!

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