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Introducing Jelly & Pop

Updated: Feb 28, 2023

Hey I’m Pop and I’m super excited to meet you.

Me and my friend, Jelly, are new here at Just Party and we can’t wait to have fun, fun, fun! I’m a bit of whizz at parties. I just love them, so I think we are in the right place. Jelly’s really great at dancing and games and always dresses for the occasion.

Personally, I’m a big fan of magic. Hocus Pocus and all that! In fact, my uncle Alan got pulled out of a hat once. Happy Times!

So what else can I tell you about me? Hmmmm.....let me think.....OK, I’m super fast. I like to tear around at a 100 miles per hour which can really make your head spin.

Even though my name is Pop, my favourite food is jelly. How strange is that? Carrot flavour is just the BEST and I’d eat it every day if I could!

I’ll be keeping my journal up to date (my friend Barry says it helps with his SEO, whatever that is) and I’ll be sharing news and cool photos and videos.

Hi everyone!

My name’s Jelly, a party loving bear with the best disco dance moves you’ve ever witnessed.

I’ve just moved into Just Party Towers and it’s great to be here with my friend Pop. I can tell we are going to have fun here.

There’s some great games that I’ve got in mind for anyone booking a Just Party birthday party. I’m a super smart bear you see. Pop hasn’t beaten me at Connect 4 in years!!!

I’m going to be putting my thoughts and messages on here as regularly as possible.

I love a selfie so there will be plenty of those and if you’re lucky, maybe some videos of me and Pop having a boogie. Do people still boogie? Not sure. Can someone Google Boogie?

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