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Balloon Bullseye

There are basic rules for this game, but you could adapt them in several ways depending on how long you want the game to last. […]

Fruit Basket

All you need is a theme with at least four characters/items and a piece of paper for each player. That is the easiest party prep […]

Hula-Hoop Squash/Sardines

Have you ever seen an entire party try to shove themselves into one hula hoop? Play the hilarious party game hula hoop squash to watch […]

Civil War Tag

Mark two lines on opposite sides of the play space. Choose one player to be Captain America. Have Captain America stand in the middle between the […]

Web Slingers

Divide the players into two groups. Call one group the The Avengers and call the other group the Hydra. Give each of The Avengers a can of […]

Kryptonite Crash

Separate your party guests into two teams. In the middle of the room will be a bag/bucket of Kryptonite (green plastic balls or green tissue […]

The Mole/Spy (Civil War)

One playing card is dealt to each person (making sure one of the cards is the Ace of Spades). The person who gets this card […]

Phone Box Relay

To play this game, you will need two hula hoops for phone boxes because we all know that super heroes didn’t just learn to change […]

Superhero Dash

Print out pictures of four different superheroes or just name the corners which will make it a little more difficult. Play the theme music for […]

Hulk Smash

This is a relay race with the kids racing to the end of course where they will pop a balloon in between their hulk fists […]

Joker’s Stone Face Challenge

The little superheroes are in training to be prepared for the bad guys underhanded tricks. In this game the superheroes are stuck in one of […]

Crayon Scavenger Hunt

Take a packets of crayons a enough to cater for your party open them a mix them up, now hide them around the room before your […]

Pass the Picture

Have all of your players sit in a circle around a table. Give each kid a piece of paper and some colored pencils. Have each […]

Serving Tray Relay Race (Beauty & The Beast)

Divide your guests into two teams, and give each team a serving tray and the items needed for a fancy place setting and food items. Players […]

Olaf Stuffing (Frozen)

This game is sure to provide many laughs as players race to “stuff” one of their friends as a snowman.  To play you will need […]

Yeti Tag (Frozen)

To play this game, one player is Elsa and one player is the Yeti monster. The rest of the kids are Anna’s and Kristoff’s. Elsa […]

Prince Charming’s Invite

Each kid will get a piece of paper (Prince Charming’s Invite to the Ball) which will be folded in half twice, the kids will then […]

Sleeping Beauties

Played like a mix of musical statues and sleeping lions. So when the music stops kids will have to “fall to the floor under the […]

Musical Tiaras / Crowns

To play this game you will need a tiara for each player. Set all of the tiaras (we all will need to use a little […]

Mirror Mirror

This game works well when you have at least eight children at the party. You will need one chair for every child, minus one. For […]

The Last Rose Petal (Beauty and the Beast)

Give each kid 2-3 balloons and see who can keep their “roses”(balloons) up the longest. Last person to let their rose petals fall wins. Don’t […]

The Shoe Detective

Before the game starts split the kids into teams and put all their shoes into a pile at the end of the party space. Now […]

Gold Rush

Players are divided into two teams. Each team has its own territory and Treasure (Bean Bag) to guard, but they also must enter the other […]

Basketball Player Relay

To play this game, you’ll need two basketballs, two baskets and two sets of player uniforms (Basket Ball Vest, shorts, and Over sized Trainers; make […]

Tea Bag Toss

Line up several cups on a table. Have players split into teams one team at a time stand behind a line. Give them each three […]

Look About

To play, hold up a teddy bear for all players to see. Have them close their eyes and then “hide” it out in the open […]

Zombie Tag

In this game, one player is the zombie; the rest are humans. The zombie stands in the middle of the play area. Designate two safe […]

Zombie Crawl Race

Set up a starting line and a finish line. Have all the zombies lie down behind the starting line, flat on their tummies. Tell the […]

Pass the Pumpkin

This game is played like the traditional kid’s party game of hot potato. Instead of a potato, however, kids pass a pumpkin bucket around the […]

Tag a Zombie

Arm each team with a different colour can of silly string. On the “go!” command, they have five minutes to “tag” as many Zombies (Adults in […]

Skeleton Race

Divide kids into two teams. Give each team a roll of white tape and a black trash bag from which you’ve cut a hole for […]

Mr Bones’ Bone

If you have ever played Pirates Keys then this game is going to sound very familiar. To play this game, appoint one player to be […]

Pirates’ Key

To play this game, appoint one player to be the Pirate. Have the kids form a circle around the Pirate. Give them a key. Put […]

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