Superhero / Princess Party

Superhero Princess Party

Superhero / Princess Party Overview

This party has a mix of everything - it is a super-charged Superhero party and will include Superhero training as well as a Princess skills training so everyone will learn to be royalty.

Hosted by a real-life Superhero and a real-life Princess.

We also setup a mini disco and play lots of great music, from current chart music to party classics and everything in between.

We will also organise some games and give out lots of medals and certificates.

Party Type: 
Disco & Games

Ideal Age Group: 
4 to 11 years old

No. of Guests: 
Standard - up to 25
Additional - unlimited

1x Superhero Included
1x Princess Included

Party Duration: 
Various options

Set up / down time: 
30 minutes before
15 minutes after

“You’re so much stronger than you think you are. Trust me.” - Superman


I want adventure in the great wide somewhere… I want so much more than they’ve got planned”. - Belle, Beauty and the Beast.