Epic Disco Party

Epic Disco Party

Epic Disco Party Overview

This party is more focused on the disco so we bring additional lights, louder speakers and play a lot more music (we are still happy to organise a few games if required though).

You can also upgrade this package to an Epic UV Disco Party, and we will bring along our UV lights so that everything glows in the dark.  We even have the option for everyone to create their own glow in the dark t-shirt, we can supply a black t-shirt for everyone and bring along some glow-in-the-dark paint for them to create their own special party top at the start of the party and then wear it for the disco.

Party Type: 
Disco & Games

Ideal Age Group: 
7 to 16 years old

No. of Guests: 
Standard - up to 25
Additional - unlimited


Party Duration: 
Various options

Set up / down time: 
30 minutes before
15 minutes after