Party Packages

We are happy to come to any venue that you book, but we now have our own venues and some of them are even free to hire when booking a party package through Just-Party - Click here to view our venues.

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Kids Mini Disco

If you child and their friends enjoy a classic party concept, with a disco, plenty of fun games and a bit of dancing, then this is the package to choose.

The Greatest Showman Party

If your child loves The Greatest Showman then this is the party for them.  Hosted by our Ring Master/Mistress who will sing live and get everyone up singing to their favourite Greatest Showman songs.

Spoonful of Mary Party

It's time to Trip a Little Light Fantastic in this magical party package hosted by our practically perfect in every way nanny - Mary.

Silly Science Party

This party is filled with fun and interactive science experiments - the Silly Scientists that host this party will make sure everyone has a great time.

Superhero Party

This party is not just any party, it is a super-charged Superhero party hosted by a real-life Superhero and will include Superhero training for everyone.

Perfect Princess Party

We will teach them all how to do a royal wave, how to walk like royalty and how to curtsy, it even includes a Real-Life Princess to host the party.

Superhero / Princess Party

This party has a mix of everything - Superhero training and Princess skills training, hosted by a real-life Superhero and Princess.

Crafty Party

For all those creative, arty children out there, this is the party for you.

Paint, Make and More....

Dance Dance Dance Party

This party is a high energy, fast paced party designed for children with lots of energy, we teach all the children lots of routines, different dance styles.

Epic Disco Party

This party is more focused on the disco so we bring additional lights, louder speakers and play a lot more music (we are still happy to organise a few games if required though).

Let it Snow Party

Hosted by the Snow Queen, she will probably keep her gloves on for the party so that she doesn't accidentally freeze anything (or anyone), but she will definitely make it snow at the end.

Pamper Party

Who doesn't like to get pampered?  One of our amazing Children's Entertainers will come along and do everyone's hair, nails and makeup and organise some games.

Pop Star Party

If you child is a little performer then this is the party package for them.  We will transform them into a Pop Star (or a Rock Star, West End Musical Star, Rap Star).

Wacky Sports Party

Everyone will need lots of energy for this party package, we do lots of fun activities and games but with a wacky spin on them all.

Pirate Party

Get ready for a swashbuckling adventure during our Pirate themed Party, which can be hosted by one of our real-life pirates.

Toddle Time Party

Our classic starter party for the little ones, designed specifically for toddlers.  We setup our mini disco and play lots of great music to get everyone up tapping those toes.

Summer Beach Party

This is a great party no matter what time of the year, so even if it's cold and raining outside we can bring that summer feel back.

Build a Teddy Party

Everyone chooses their own teddy to make, they will then stuff-it, add a magical charm and we then perform the teddy bear naming ceremony and hand out birth certificates.

Spooktacular Party

This is the ultimate Halloween Party and one of our most fun parties to do.  Lots of spooky themed games and music and plenty of fun.

Festive Fun Party

This is the ultimate Christmas Party and will get everyone into that festive spirit.  Lots of Christmas music, lots of Christmas games and lots and lots of fun for everyone.

School Disco

Our amazing entertainers do not just play the music but they get involved with entertaining all the guests.

This package is only available to Schools, Nurseries, Pre-Schools and Groups/Clubs.

Jedi Training School

This is not just any party, it is an out of this world party - learn all about Jedi's and how to use the force - hosted by one of our Jedi Masters.

Fortnite Battle Party

We transform your venue into a Fortnite Battle Zone, with lots of Nerf bullets, games and activities everyone is sure to have a blast.

Super Spy Party

Solve the clues, complete the tasks, ask the right questions, observe your surroundings to hopefully complete your very own spy mission.

Wizards Training Party

Learn how to be a Wizard, practice your spells (but try not to turn anyone into a frog).

Poppy (Trolls) Party

Hosted by Poppy, this amazing Troll party is bound to get everyone up singing and dancing.

Sleepover Party

In association with JJ's Sleepovers.

We will deliver and set up all the equipment bringing the wow factor to your home.

Magical Disco Party

A disco party with a twist as this will be hosted by one of our magicians so there will be lots of magic throughout the whole party.

VIP Disco Party

This is the ultimate disco party - enter on the red carpet, get snapped by the paparazzi and be made to feel like a superstar.

Messy Play Party

Our messiest party we do, specifically designed for children aged 6 months (or sitting unaided) to 5 years old.

Unicorn Party

A magical and mystical party hosted by one of our real-life Unicorn Entertainers, we could even add a visit from our real-life miniture unicorns.

Slime Party

Who doesn't enjoy making and playing with slime? Well that's exactly what this party is all about.

Whole New World Party

We'll take you on a magic carpet ride to this Whole New World Party experience.

Mega Balloon Party

Balloons, balloons and more balloons - we do some balloon modelling, teach some balloon modelling and play games with balloons and so much more.

Disco Doll Party

Starring our amazing Surprise Disco Doll and hosted by one of our very talented Entertainers.