Phone Box Relay

To play this game, you will need two hula hoops for phone boxes because we all know that super heroes didn’t just learn to change in a phone box over night.

Divide guests into two teams. Give each team two sets of the following costume items:

  • Velcro shirt
  • Tie.
  • Hat
  • Superhero cape.
  • Superhero mask.

Place the superhero costumes inside the phone booth. Place the remaining items in front of the teams. On “go!” the first players in line must put on the ordinary clothes, run into the phone booth and change into the superhero costumes. They must then come out of the phone booth, run around a pre-determined course and then back into the booth to change back to the ordinary suit. They have to then return to their teams, take off the suit, tie and glasses and give them to the next players in line, who will repeat all of the actions of the first player. This continues until all players have done the phone booth costume change. The first team to complete the relay wins

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