Kryptonite Crash

Separate your party guests into two teams. In the middle of the room will be a bag/bucket of Kryptonite (green plastic balls or green tissue paper rolled into balls).

Have your teams line up a few feet apart from the Kryptonite, but facing one another. Call one team the Justice League and the other team The Avengers. Since Kryptonite can’t be touched, give team a set of krypto-proof stick (Chop sticks).

Set a timer or play a song. Kids will have until the timer runs out or the song is over to try pick up and carry as many pieces of kryptonite as possible past the opposing team’s side. When time is up, count how many pieces of kryptonite are on each side. The team with the least amount of kryptonite behind their line wins. This can also be played like a giant game of football or hockey with the kids trying to score and defend until the time is up.

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