Hula-Hoop Squash/Sardines

Have you ever seen an entire party try to shove themselves into one hula hoop? Play the hilarious party game hula hoop squash to watch it happen.

This game will require multiple hula hoops. Set hula hoops up in a large circle, you’ll need at least 5 hoops. When the music starts everyone walks around the hula hoops, similarly to musical chairs.  When the music stops everyone must rush to get into a hula hoop and hold it up around their waist.

More than one person is allowed in a hula hoop, in fact the funny part of this game is that there is no limit to the number of people allowed in one hulHula-Hoop Squash/Sardinesa hoop.  Everyone has 10 seconds to get into a hoop.

After each round remove one hoop and play again. The winners are everyone who manages to squeeze themselves into the last hoop remaining at the end of the game.

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