The Northants Superhero Weekend 

Saturday 24th June – Sunday 25th June 2017
The Showground, Whites Nurseries, Earls Barton

Just-Party Staff Rules / Instructions

All stands must be completed and ready for business by 9.30am.
We will not be allowing access to the site between 9am and 10am, to ensure that exhibitors are not bringing equipment, or stock through the entrance when visitors are on site.
Exhibitor access routes will be clearly sign posted on site, please follow the signs for exhibitor loading and unloading. You will be asked to move your car to the ‘Exhibitor Car Park’ once you have completed unloading, please assist us by following any instructions given to you by site marshals, the site will be very busy, and your co-operation would be greatly appreciated.

When you arrive at the venue please check in at VISITOR RECEPTION / SITE OFFICE, where a member of the Events Team will take you to your stand.

The exhibition will be open to the public from 10am till 4pm.

Break down will commence at 4pm straight after the show closing on Sunday. All stands must be vacated no later than 6pm. We would ask that you do not dismantle your stand until all visitors have left the site.

The consumption of alcohol on site is strictly prohibited.
No person(s) can work at the event if they are under the influence of illegal drugs or alcohol. Caution should also be exhibited if a person’s performance is impaired through medication.
We reserve the right to eject any person from the site if they are suspected of being under the influence of illegal drugs or alcohol. In addition, those persons will be reported to the appropriate authorities. Any person found selling illegal drugs will automatically be reported to the police.

Exhibitors are responsible for keeping their stands tidy. For health and safety reasons it is important that all exhibitors and contractors keep aisles and walkways clear of rubbish at all times. Any items left in the aisles are subject to being cleared away regardless of whether they are waste or not.
We would please ask that you dispose of your own rubbish at the end of the event. Large boxes and packaging should not be disposed of in the rubbish bins on site, these bins are for visitor’s refuse only. We ask that you take all rubbish with you when you leave the site.

Attention is drawn to the safety requirements for children, which are often different from those for adults.
For example, guards need to be lower; safety fencing needs to go down to ground level to prevent small children getting underneath. Finger traps should be avoided. Hot surfaces must be suitably protected.

Remember that in a crowded situation, low level posts with or without ropes can become obstructed and can cause injury. In crowds, steps and slopes cannot be easily seen; neither can articles on the ground, please be aware of this when you are setting up your stand.

Evacuation routes / emergency exits must not be blocked at any time. Under no circumstances is this acceptable. Fire stations must be visible and accessible at all times. They must not be covered or blocked. Fire stations can be fire hoses, fire extinguishers, or fire alarms.

Temporary accommodation such as prefabricated buildings or marquees should be erected securely and have adequate access, which is unobstructed. All structures must have the appropriate number of fire exits based on size and capacity.
The entrance or exit to marquees should be located so as not to coincide with main guy lines and should be free of obstruction by tent pegs. Any tent pegs in the vicinity of an entrance and exit should be suitably protected and highlighted to avoid tripping and injury.
All walkways, access points and emergency exits are to be kept free from obstruction at all times.
All contractors and trade stands should ensure that they do not obstruct any emergency exits thoroughfares or access points with any articles or materials.

In the case of an evacuation please listen carefully to all instructions and follow directions. Do not attempt to return to the Showground unless cleared to do so by the emergency services.

Flammable gasses / liquids / objects may not be used or stored indoors. Use of fire or naked lights (including candles) is strictly prohibited. Any person discovering a fire should immediately notify the organiser, a member of the event team.

Any person requiring first aid treatment should contact a member of the Events Team immediately.
We keep a full first aid kit at Visitor Reception. There is also a fully equipped First Aid Station in a clearly identifiable marquee adjacent to Visitor Reception.
St John Ambulance will be manning the First Aid Station at all time throughout the Show. An Accident Book is also kept at Visitor Reception, should you have an accident or suffer an injury whilst on site please notify us, so we are able to record the details.

Health and Safety is of paramount importance. It is the responsibility of all to ensure the safety of themselves and others including members of the public. All exhibitors must adhere to all health and safety regulations in place.  It is also your responsibility to make sure you are fit and healthy for the work that will be undertaking, water will be supplied but it is your responsibility to make sure that you are sufficiently hydrated.

Any person finding a lost child should contact a member of the Events Team immediately.
We will be providing free wristbands to parents/guardian with young children, enabling them to write their mobile number on the wristband so if a young child is found we can reunite them with their parent/guardian as quickly as possible.

There is extensive on-site parking for visitors and exhibitors. Exhibitor access routes will be clearly sign posted on site, please follow the signs for exhibitor loading and unloading. You will be asked to move your car to the ‘Exhibitor Car Park’ once you have completed unloading, please assist us by following any instructions given to you by site marshals, the site will be very busy, and your cooperation would be greatly appreciated.

Neither Just-Party, Bright Spark Events nor Whites Nurseries can accept responsibility for any items left on an exhibitors’ stand and all exhibitors, and visitors are encouraged to ensure that all valuables are not left unattended or unsecured. The site will be locked at the end of each day, but we cannot accept responsibility for items left on an exhibitors stand overnight.

No smoking is permitted in any structure including marquees. This includes the use of electronic cigarettes. No smoking signs are displayed at the entrance to all covered structures.

All persons driving any motorized vehicle of any sort around the site must hold a valid driving license and be insured to operate the vehicle they are driving.
Vehicle speed limits and routes on site
• During the event the maximum site speed limit is reduced to 5mph. At all other times the limit is 10 mph. • No reversing large or articulated vehicles without a banks-man. • Vehicles must use approved routes and follow any one way systems. • No additional gates may be opened without prior permission from the event organisers.
All vehicles moving about the showground must be driven with due care and attention to pedestrians.
Reversing is to be avoided unless strictly necessary. When a vehicle is being reversed, a second person must stand to the rear of the vehicle to guide the driver and clear the area of pedestrians. Vehicles must not be driven over or parked on neighbouring trade stands.

If you have any concerns or issues on the day, please do bring them swiftly to our attention. We will do our best to remedy any problems as soon as possible.