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I have been a part of the Just-Party team since October 2017.

The reason I joined Just-Party was because I have always had a love for performing and I love to entertain people.

I currently attend Emil Dale Performing Arts Academy’s West End professional development programme and I have worked with a number of directors and choreographers to develop my musical theatre skill set. I am a proficient and experienced actress and dancer.

Since joining Just-Party, I have learnt to change and adapt a party to suit the target audience, I have acquired a large range of games and party songs for everyone of all ages to enjoy; I have learnt how to create balloon animals and different objects and I know how to ensure that every person at the event is having fun.

I believe what makes me a good entertainer is that I have a fun, bubbly and approachable attitude and display this whilst hosting. Furthermore, I have fun with the children and ensure they are also enjoying the party. Having a silly and fun attitude makes sure all the children are involved with the games and the dancing and having a good time- this is the key to a magical party.

I have experience working with toddlers, children and young adults through various community roles and I am a regular volunteer at local children’s events. I understand how to connect with younger audiences and to engage everyone in the room, bringing an air of fun and vibrancy to your event with a responsible level of professional maturity.  

My favourite part of being on the Just-Party team is seeing the children smile and having an amazing time at the party. There is nothing that beats that.