Loopy Lily

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I've been part of the Just-Party team since April 2014.

I joined Just-Party in 2014 as a part time role whilst studying, 4 years on and I’m still enjoying doing parties over the winter months.

Before joining Just-Party i had never picked up a microphone or hosted a party before. I didn’t know how to make balloon animals, or a single magic trick!!

Since joining Just-Party I have learnt that I am able to host a party on my own and with others and microphones aren’t scary! Over the years I’ve gained more experience and can now present a variety of party packages with characters and without, including a range of different games that’ll keep children entertained.  Just-Party has given me the experience to go on to become a Seasonal Holiday Park Entertainer.

I’ve now been an entertainer for 4 years, I can get children of all ages involved and having fun. I’m able to change things to suit the party and children involved if something isn’t working.  I’ve now worked on holiday parks for 2 and 1/2 years and know that different ages of children respond to you differently and keeping things interesting and fun is key to a successful party!

I’ve had lots of memorable moments whilst with Just-Party, but seeing kids faces when there favourite character walks in or when you hear “this is the best party ever” and everyone leave happy and smiling; has to be my favourites.