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I've been part of the Just-Party team since February 2018.

Having worked around Europe entertaining kids on holiday, I realised that working with kids is not only fun but extremely rewarding. So having moved back to the UK, continuing to work in the same industry was important to me so joining Just-Party was a good fit.

I had a lot of previous experience conducting kids parties and running kids clubs from my years abroad. During this time, I learned how to keep kids engaged during a party and learned many dances and games to lead that kids love.

Wearing character costumes is fun, but learning to move around in some of them is a challenge!

Although experience is important, being able to lead the party in such a way that the kids see you as an older version of them is a great skill to have. This way kids see you more as someone taking part in the party instead of telling them what to do.

I think the key ingredient to a successful party is having the ability to not take yourself too seriously. The ability to have just as much fun as the kids is important as it makes the overall party more fun for everyone involved (including the adults).

My most memorable moment since being part of the Just-Party team is being chased around the hall by the kids at the end of the party because the kids wanted the party to continue was fun. It was nice to know the kids were enjoying themselves so much, they didn't want the party to end.